Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry Noah....No Ark Needed

That's right! Brainstorming has been accomplished, solutions have been implemented and after evaluation of our efforts.....flooding has been kibosh-ed.

After a trip to the neighborhood IFA our flower beds now have plants to root into the rocks and keep them in place. 

Did you feel that? It was a weight being lifted off our shoulders. So now that the rocks are being supported we can focus on the 'creek' in our backyard.

So instead of the gutter system we were going to do we are now going to build a rock riverbed. Here are some ideas for us to mimic. 


  1. That will be beautiful! I am not sure where you find all of this energy. I want to sit around or sleep!

  2. It comes and goes. When I do have energy I have no idea where it came from.