Thursday, May 19, 2011


Our yard is flooding. The water is running out from under our RV pad down into the grass. Most of the water is going into a giant black pipe and running in the neighbors backyard under the tree house (shhh don't tell them, it's our secret). It literally has a rushing water sound. LAME! What isn't getting into the pipe is taking a left at our path leading down the grass and over the rock retaining wall, which is creating a waterfall. The waterfall is kinda pretty but it's causing the water from the upper yard to flow into the lower yard and is slowly encroaching onto our lower cement pad which leads up to our walk out basement doors. 

If the rain stops I will film a video. I'll try to get close to the water so you can hear the peaceful sound of water gushing down the pipe and into the waterfall. 

Wish us luck! Hopefully we get this under control before our basement is under water!!!

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