Friday, May 20, 2011

99 Days To Go!

Dear Lima Bean, 

99 days! We can't wait to meet you! It will be sooner rather than later now. We can't wait to meet you. Yesterday I had my hands on my belly feeling you kick. I then asked you what you were. I asked you if you were a boy or a girl. You decided to quit moving completely. I then told you that we love you no matter what and then you started moving hysterically. I kinda think you were laughing at me for trying to get you to break your silence. You are going to be the best thing ever in our life. 

Squids going to love you too! He lays with his ears next to you so he can hear you moving. Sometimes you kick him. He doesn't like that very much. He even grunts at you when you do that. 

Dad thinks it is awesome when you kick me and he can see it. I find it slightly painful but you and your dad seem to thoroughly enjoy it so I will let it slide. I mean, your only in my belly once. ;)

Keep growing! Be healthy and be strong! We love you. 

See you soon! 


Mom and Dad

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