Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue ::: Part 1

Who says this only applies when getting hitched? I challenge anyone who reads this frumpy blog to find their favorite old, new, borrowed, & blue things/people (one item and one person for each category). Sounds easy but it's not. I am going to be searching for my favorite items and snap a photo of them to share. I am going to explain in honest and raw detail why I find these things to be my favorite.

The items I am thinking already require deep thought and consideration. I think this will be a fun way to remember not to take things for granted. Whether it's technology, a loved one, an item of jewelry or a pet remember to be honest and true to yourself and explanation. I'll post my faves ASAP. It's going to be hard to pick just two things for each group. 

Good luck ladies. If you don't have a blog post it in a note on your Facebook. If you do please post a comment with a link so I can see it.

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