Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue ::: Part 2

As promised here are my favorites. I hope you all enjoy this post and do it yourself as well. 

(we were on our way out to the dunes-it was hot and sunny)
Okay, so he is not OLD, but he is going to turn 30 in June and I tease him all the time about how he is my old man. He is also my baby daddy. He is my best friend, eternal companion, sexy, crazy dresser, comedian, hard-worker, french toast chef, kind, calm, compassionate, patient, amazing gift giver, fierce, cat lover, caregiver, and all around amazing good guy. He's the perfect guy you dream about marrying. He's my prince charming on a white four wheeler. He sacrafices for me and our baby daily. He never complains or gets frustrated. He deserves so much more than I give him but he's so kind that he would never say a word. We work together on everything and we are always on the same page. If I keep typing I will never stop. There is so much to say about this wonderful man but if I keep bragging someone might try to steal him! 

(This dresser actually is old, It's fantastic)

This is my dresser. My Grandma Janet gave it to me. It's absolutely fantastic. It used to be much lighter and it had a mirror. Steven and I sanded it down on our teeny tiny balcony 6 years ago and stained it. We changed the hardware and it turned out perfectly. I love this thing. Even though it is falling apart, old, and creaky, it is mine. It was given to me by one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world. My Gma got this dresser at a estate auction way back when so I am not sure how old it actually is. She picked it up in the 60's-70's (she thinks). This dresser has been with me everywhere. On top in front of the mirror is where Princess (my first feline love) would lay. Now Squid tries to jump into the drawers and sleep. It's a cat's play place I guess.


I'm sure you have heard enough about our Lima Bean but I can't help it. We love this baby! How can you not love that cute button nose. Lima Bean kicks, punches, sucks it's fingers, rolls over, and makes me feel special. It's a piece of Steven and I. I can't think of a better way to tell your spouse you love and trust then by having a baby with them. That is the ultimate trust! This baby is so loved already. I hope it knows.  We love you Lima Bean!


Steven gave me this ring for Christmas. Emerald is not my birthstone but I love emeralds. Green is my favorite color as well. Yes I do truly love yellow gold. I think it's classic and elegant. When he proposed he said he was never going to buy me any jewelry so I better like my wedding ring. I knew he was joking. 6 years later I have a collection of fantastic jewelry from Steven. This ring means so much to me because he took so many things into consideration when purchasing it (as he did with our wedding ring-don't get me wrong-my wedding ring is sacred). He picked green which is my fave color, the yellow gold is classic and old fashioned, the scroll style looks like jewelry I showed him when we were first married years ago-it was a antique ring. He took all the things I love and threw them together. He just knows me so well!



As with all things in this life they are temporary. I learned this the hard way when Princess passed away. She was my best friend and my first love. She was there for everything that happened in my life. I came home and told her about my first kiss with Steven. She knew every vulnerable and raw thing about me and then she was taken away. She went back to heavenly father. Squid is mine but he's also not mine at all. He is here for Steven and I. He is part of our lives. God made animals and gave us the emotions of love. With love comes the inevitable sorrow and grief. He did this on purpose. It's a trial and a part of life to teach us. Squid is a fantastically weird cat. He likes popcorn but turns his nose up at milk and wet food. Weird right? I call him fuzzy nuts because when he was neutered they kept his man business but they shaved it. When it grew back in it looked like his butt was given a buzz cut. It was hilarious. He drools when he snuggles. It's gross and cute. He may be borrowed but for now he is ours and when he is gone he will still be ours. All the lessons and trials will be ours too. 

This is our house. Well as long as we pay our mortgage it will be our house in about 20-30 years (we pay more so we can get it over with). We have done a million gazillion things to it. We put Robinson touches all over it. Maybe I will post before and after pictures soon. We love this house. If we could pick this house up and take it to St. George in a few years we would. If we don't leave then this will be our forever house. The neighborhood is great. It's quiet and clean. It has everything we wanted. 


This hoodie was the first thing I stole from Steven when we were dating. It smelled like him and I wore it everywhere. He was wearing this the first time I met him. He had his independent jeans on and this hoodie. His hair was perfectly shaggy and blond. He was SOOOO sexy! He wore this hoodie everywhere. To the dunes, out on our dates, on our honeymoon, and everywhere in between. I wear it now. He loves when I wear it. He loves it the most while I am pregnant. He thinks it's cute. My belly is starting to stretch out the muff and it has a bleach spot on the left wrist cuff. If it could speak it would have so many good times to share. Steven still wears it occasionally and when he does I still get a flutter in my belly like the first time I saw him. 

This album has been the soundtrack to our lives. Well all the albums but his one in particular. We lay in bed put this on and talk. Kris Roe was our favorite artist before we met and after. He is my go to music no matter my mood. It makes me think of Steven and all our adventures we have been on. We listen to it now and the baby will start kicking. I'd like to think Lima Bean is in there dancing and loving every second of it. 

So again I'll ask you....What are your old, new, borrowed and blue faves? I bore all. Now it's your turn.

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