Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mom's Blog

I am keeping this blog intact for ranting and venting needs. So here I go:

  • I am sick of pads. I have pads everywhere!  My boobies and 'girl stuff' is padded. I am sick of it! 
  • I hate that sitting on the floor kills me! It hurts so bad! 
  • Laughing makes my 'girl stuff' ache. :( 
  • I have to sleep with a bra or my boobs leak all over our bed. 
  • I hate that NOTHING fits! 
However here are some things that I enjoy:
  • Waking up to my sweet boy making cute noises.
  • I love being able to bond and feed my little guy. It's OUR time and I love it. 
  • I love that my hair has not fallen out yet. (knock on wood)
  • I love kissing Cash. I could kiss him all day long. 
  • I really like how big my boobs are. ;)
  • I like that my ankles are back to normal. 
  • I can't decide on which sewing project to start on for my little man. 
  • I love my little family!


  1. Leaky boobs suck!
    Really, I hated that part!!!