Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Love

I love that my husband sits at the island in the kitchen and chats with me while I cook. I absolutely love the time we spend there together. We have family dinner together every night. I can't wait for our Lima Bean to arrive so it can be apart of this tradition.

I love my husbands kiss-hug-kiss routine in the morning. Every morning no matter how bad my hair looks or how nasty my morning breath is he kisses, then hugs, and then kisses me again. I love it! We have done this same thing for 6 years!

I love how honest and cute my husband is (especially when he is asleep). He will roll over, pull me close, and will say a few sweet things in my ear. The next morning he has no idea it happened but I do. He isn't much for gushy lovey dovey stuff so I absolutely love taking advantage of his vulnerability when I can.

I love coming home to a angry disgruntled cat after a long day. He gets so mad that I leave him home. I love hearing him tell me off when I walk in the door. He is mad for about a second and then he forgives me and can't get enough of me.

I love watching my husband and cat play. They are hilarious. The way they both plan the best way to 'out smart' the other is awesome. There is never a winner because one has yet to outsmart the other.

I love how willing, loving, understanding, forgiving, and perfect my husband has been throughout my pregnancy. I know I have not been the easiest wife to deal with but he never gets irritated or annoyed. He does every little thing I ask for and does any task with a smile. I really do not deserve him.

I love how my husband cleans our house every weekend that I work without asking. If I go to work on a Saturday or a Sunday he cleans the house from top to bottom. (well almost, he won't touch the toilets. but that is totally okay with me).

My husband is fantastic. He is my everything. I couldn't survive day to day life without him. He makes everything worth it and fun.

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