Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Visit To L&D

I visited the wonderful staff at Jordan Valley's Labor and Delivery today. We went in last night for a horrible migraine. I took my migraine medication that was prescribed to me but it didn't help. I didn't want to take another one or anything else so we went to L&D. They gave me Phenergan and Morphine via IV. An IV that took 4 pokes to get started. They also took blood which consisted of 2 more awful pokes from a phlebotomy student. Why did I let the student work on me?? Because we all have to start somewhere right!?!?

Dr. Hansen was the MD on call last night which is fantastic because he is my doc. He was considering inducing me but since my StrepB culture was not back yet he didn't want to.

Good news from my horrible migraine night is that on Tuesday I was only 1cm and 0% effaced and last night I was 2cm and 70% effaced!!

Since I am a total light weight when it comes to medications I still feel hazy and gross. However, my headache is gone!

Feel free to click on the links in case you don't know what any of what I wrote means. ;)

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