Monday, July 11, 2011

The Robinson River

Here is a video Steven took this morning of our 'river'. We are putting the riverbed in this week! We have to or our basement is going to flood and our grass is going to turn into a swamp. Turn up the volume when you watch the video. It sounds so 'peaceful'.

So here is the drama: our neighbor likes to water constantly so we get this cute little leakage from under the fence and into our yard. So....since this guy is so unreasonable about water usage and neighbor hospitality we are making a riverbed to control HIS water flow. Believe it or not the water flow has been much worse.

So we will have a cute little riverbed in our backyard soon. The fun this is it won't be a dry bed it will actually have water in it!!

When your neighbor gives you lemons make lemonade right???

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