Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 Years ago...

Six years ago I was preparing to marry my best friend. I had bridal showers and lots of finishing touches left before the big day. Steven and I were running around trying to get stuff done.

{Steven and I in Capital Reef Summer of 2005}

We are now preparing for our Lima Bean. We are putting cribs together, buying diapers and onesies and planning for the BIG day.

I remember I was out buying lingerie and honey moon 'things' six years ago. I was SOOO in love with my future husband.

Today I am out buying maternity clothes for my baby shower. I am still SOOOO in love with my husband. I am having a baby with my best friend. I hope that our baby is exactly like him.

I would not change a thing. I absolutely love my life and I feel so blessed!

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