Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Over Packing vs Under Packing

What did you have in your diaper bag when you went to the hospital? I have no idea how to put it together.



  1. I forgot this part but take a nice, soft comfy dress to wear home from the hospital. I didn't get out of mine for like three days. Haha. The hospital sends you home with lots of stuff and usually gift bags the formula companies send, so you'll have a lot to take home. If there are extra diapers and supplies in your baby cart when you are discharged take those too, because you were already charged for them when they stocked the cart!

  2. I will be taking anything and everything I can for sure! I'm the person that sneaks out in the hotel hallway when the cleaning ladies are out and fills my pockets. ;)

    I'll start looking for nightgowns and dresses asap!