Thursday, June 23, 2011

Judge Me!

  • I will be using disposable diapers.
  • I will breastfeed and pump
  • I will use gas drops for the baby because I will eat whatever I want
  • I will put the baby into it's room ASAP after birth
  • We are seriously considering being a 3 person family
  • I will let my cat investigate the baby
  • I will not keep my cat away from the baby but I will keep the baby safe
  • I will use diaper creams and baby powder
  • I will not breastfeed or pump past 8 months to a 1 year
  • I will play an ipod next to the baby for white noise
  • What we play on the ipod will be the same music we listen to (The Ataris, The Used, Brad Paisley)
  • We will allow our child to play contact sports 
  • We will teach our child about religion (our church and others so they understand not everyone thinks the same)
  • I will let my baby cry itself to sleep
  • I think over snuggling can cause spoiling
  • I will let the hospital nurses take the baby so Steven and I can sleep
  • I am okay with IV drugs during labor
  • I am okay with an episiotomy
  • Steven and I will be the only ones there for the labor
  • Steven and I will have closed doors at the hospital for at least the first day
  • As soon as we get home Squid and the baby will meet
  • The baby blessing will be small
  • I will take the whole 12 weeks and then go back to work
  • I will be a working mom - my choice
  • We will buy a four wheeler for our baby ASAP
  • We will take our kid to the sand dunes ASAP
I'm sure this list will continue to grow. This is how I feel. This is my plan. This is what Steven and I have decided on. 


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! 2 things you WILL or I did struggle with is the letting them cry themselves to sleep and not taking the baby in the bed. (I breast feed too and for the first few months I did good with not letting him sleep in the bed. but then after that i was so tired I didnt realize that I breast feed him in the bed just a warning.)and I went back to work 2 WEEKS after was a ready no. but was it okay yes. and the cat thing! I hate when people told me about the stupid cat thing! MY cats LOOOVED wyatt and didnt do a dam thing to him EVER! and I agree KEEP it just you and steve in the room thats what we did and it was amazing AMAZING! it should only BE you two! and I say that that letting you kid dictate what and how your life should be is a NO! so I love that you will let him listen to what you do! Your gonna be a great mom! I can totally tell ;)

  2. I am determined to not let the baby sleep with us. I am not a fan of co-sleeping. I am looking for a decent priced recliner to put in our room and then put in the babies room to help with breast feeding. That way I can be comfy but then the baby isn't in our bed.

    I'm glad you understand the cat thing. I am so sick of hearing people say he will suffocate or try to eat the baby. What do those people think? That I am going to let my cat be alone with the baby before I know how they will react with each other? DUH! I'm not stupid!

    I think our last moments of just us before we become parents should just be us. It's a big change for us and I want it to be special.

    Did you let people from work come see you? Or did you wait till after you were home?

  3. Wyatt was born at 407am and it was an emergency csection so I made Cody call my mom when they were rushing me into the room. ( no one was allowed to be there until he was born) So when I got out my mom was there with my dad and sisters and Codys parents. They held him but then I had the nurse kick eveyone out and didnt let anyone come back until late afternoon. But for the whole 3 days I was there we had vistor the whole time which I was okay with. It was nice to see everyone who cared enough. Cody and I had the nights together and then when I got home I got to spend the time I would have had with people just us in our house so thats what I enjoyed more. But yes, people from work came while I was in the hospital.