Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attention Mommies!!!

This is my list of needs to take to the hospital. What else should I get?
  1. Tucks
  2. Breast Pads
  3. Jammies
  4. Gas Drops (for the baby)
  5. Baby blankets
  6. Outfit for baby
  7. 2 Nursing bras (to start with)
  8. Robe
  9. Slippers
  10. Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, lotion and deoderant
  11. Pads
  12. Extra undies
  13. Extra batteries for the camera
  14. Snacks
  15. Pillow
I would love to hear your suggestions!



  1. that list is pretty complete - i would also take flip flops for the shower ,chapstick, nursing pillow , extra bottoms for lounging around , comfy outfit for you to go home , lanolin

  2. Dan says take pain relievers for Steve they won't be able to give him any from the hossy stash :) also maybe reusable water bottles for you both :)

  3. The hospital will always have the baby swaddled and wrapped, so you only need to bring a blanket for the ride home (or sentimental purposes). The hospital will also have these really sexy mesh panties for you, and I preferred them because I didn't have to worry about bringing any (you'll still probably be maternity size) and I could throw them away. The same with pads; they had a whole package of them. I would also add magazines and DVDs -- nothing heavy; just something to distract you in between contractions. Oh, and don't forget phone chargers.

  4. For your going home outfit, don't bother with regular clothes. Keep the maternity ones handy. Trust me.

  5. Flip flops - check
    DVD's - check
    Phone charger - check
    Maternity clothes - check
    Lanolin - Check

    The hospital gave us both water jugs when I was admitted a little while ago. So I think we will be okay. They even gave Steven free soda. ;)