Friday, May 27, 2011

I Think I Am A Hobbit

My feet are totally normal. They are pedicured and maintained. Promise! My stomach however is not normal. I am almost into my third trimester which means my appetite is increasing. I have never ate food in these quantities before.
Example: My breakfast today consisted of toast with jam and grapefruit juice. Then I had 2 pancakes and bacon at work. I then at my hard boiled egg I had in my lunch box, followed by a breakfast bar. I got home and had two helpings of leftover Beef Strogonoff and a bowel of cereal. I then took a cat nap and woke up starving. I then made a loaded salad with egg, cheese, cucumber and beets. It was way good! That was only an hour ago. I am already completely starving again! WTF!?!? 

If you have never read The Lord Of The Rings or seen the movie here is a clip for you to better understand why I feel like I am a Hobbit. Again, I swear, my feet are totally normal! 


  1. I love this!! 2nd breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper! Just go with it - it's a good excuse! :) That's the one thing I'm looking forward to with having kids! HA! :)

  2. I thought eating all the time would rock but I am running out of food! My poor hubby just stares and laughs while I eat 3x what he can put away.

    He says it's funny and he loves what I am okay with the eating/weight gain for the Lima Bean.

    When will you have babes?? [I hated when people asked us this]

  3. But you're running out of food fueling your baby! So it's perfect! :) Sometimes I just sit and think I would love that to be my reason to eat!

    We probably won't have kiddos for a while! Content with the pups at the moment, but it does cross my mind lots! We have to go to Europe first! So when you see that happening, you'll know something's up! ;)