Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's Events

1030: I'm at work doing my normal routine and all of a sudden I become dizzy, flushed, and sweaty. Braxton Hicks contractions started and I was getting worried. Andrew, my CNA while I'm at work took my blood sugar and vital signs. They were not the greatest and the weird feelings just got worse. I started feeling numbness and tingling in my hands, face, and feet. The numbness/tingling progressed up my arms and spread across the right side of my face and affected my lips. I call my OB and they say to go to Labor and Delivery ASAP. I call Steven to come and get me and we head over to the hospital.

1100: We get to Labor and Delivery at JVH. They start the symptom rundown again. They put me in a gorgeous hospital gown and slapped on some fetal monitors. It took the nurse a second to locate the heart beat so I started to panic. She finally found it and the baby was okay. Our little baby moves around constantly so the heart beat had to be relocated multiple times.

1145: My amazing OB  comes in and orders IV fluids, phenergan, Ultram, and blood work. I pee in a cup, they draw blood, start and IV and give me IV meds.

1700: I was discharged from Labor and Delivery with hypoglycemia, dehydration, and a migraine. He said the low blood sugar caused the dizzy feelings and migraine. The numbness was an adrenaline side effect. He wants to see me again on Tuesday. If things get worse he wants to get a CT. SCARY!! I have to eat a protein and natural sugar every 2 hours. I also have to drink 96oz daily. I have to increase my calorie intake dramatically as well. He said since the baby is growing so rapidly at this point I have to really watch my sugars. The baby is stealing my nutrients even more now so being hypoglycemic is going to get worse and I really need to stay on top of it.

1830: I am at home on the couch. Squid won't stop loving on me. He is laying on my blood draw and IV sites. I think he knows I was hurt today. The phenergan has me just about in a coma. He gave me a half of a dose due to being so sensitive to medications. I am glad he did because a whole dose would have knocked me on my butt bad!

Steven, Squid, The Baby and I are doing ok. I was really scared. Steven was super brave but I could tell he was worried about us. He is the most amazing man ever. I am so lucky to have him.

Thanks to Tammy (my Sister-in-law) for helping us get home.

I will be taking it easy this weekend. I want to be able to go back to work asap. I will miss  my patients and co-workers. I really do work with some amazing people.

I will keep you all posted on changes. Enjoy these pictures. Next time I post pictures like this will hopefully be when the baby arrives and at full term of course.


  1. How not fun , trips to l/d are not fun especially when you are not full term , rest up and take care ! Thinking and praying for you and the lil lima bean *hugs*

  2. So greatful everything worked out. Take care of yourself and the little one.

  3. Had no idea you had a blog lady. I'm diabetic so I get those same spells all the time. It's miserable. I remember when I had my two kids they uped my calerie intake like crazy. Keep protien nearby at all times and if you start feeling it munch on something. It sucks bad! Take care of you and baby. I'm glad Steve is such a great husband. He is gonna be an amazing daddy.
    We all know your are gonna make an amazing mom so this kid can't fail!

  4. Thanks ladies. We are doing much better. I'm being watched by Steven. I doubt he slept very well last night. Every time I got up to use the restroom he was asking if I was okay. If I laid on my back too long he would whisper in my ear to lay on my side. He is so sweet. He is absolutely amazing.

    Overall I feel much better. I still feel weak but I can totally feel the difference. The baby is active and kicking my inside parts. I take each kick as a reminder to eat and drink. It's reminding me to be healthy.

  5. Cassy~
    I'm glad you and the baby are both OK....scary stuff!! And it's so wonderful that Steven has been so awesome through this! But I already knew he's a great guy, and I think I've actually only met him one time! Take care of yourself!
    love and hugs, Aunt Shauna

  6. He is a great guy! We have been through family illnesses and scares but this was the first time it hit us. He was already super protective but now with all this going on he has been even more protective. I think it's awesome to watch him morph into a dad. He's not just a husband anymore. It is the best thing ever. I knew he'd be different but this is 100% more than what I expected. He's fantastic.