Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feeling Frumpy

I am feeling quite frumpy today. I have been viciously hungry all day today. All I have done is laundry today so I feel a bit lazy and blah. Right as I am starting to get stir crazy I the sun comes out! FINALLY! I went outside to see how my flower beds were doing and this is what I found.......
 This is a Bleeding Heart bush. Last year when I bought this it was teeny tiny. Look at that beast now!
 This is Yoshi. He's our flowering tree. Yeah I'm lame. I can't remember what he is. Oops. His brother Mr. Robot-o looks just as fantastic!
 No matter the species, Poppies are my most favorite flower. How could you not love these vibrant beautiful flowers? They come in a rainbow of flavors/colors.
And then we come to the Tulips.....(notice the annoyance in my voice). These Tulips were advertised as ORANGE not yellow. They were called Orange Sherbet. This is not ORANGE!  Don't get me wrong I think they are beautiful but I will be buying a new color this fall to plant.

Even though the Tulips are a disappointment, overall, the yard is looking fantastic. 

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