Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fear Is A Good Thing, It Means You Have Something To Lose

As some of you know my father-in-law was in the hospital for a blood clot in his Popliteal Artery. He woke up in excruciating pain last Friday. He said his whole leg felt like a horrible charlie horse. Steven took him to IMC and they started treating him immediately. His leg was ice cold, numb, and he could not move it at all. The ER doctor had the Vascular Surgeon on the phone immediately. Dr. Galt performed the surgery. He said the longer the surgery the better because my father-in-law didn't have great veins to create the bypass with to save his leg. He said if he was out quickly it would be because his leg was amputated from 6 inches below the groin. If it took him 3 hours or longer he was able to find a vein and he was going to fight like hell to save his leg.

So what happened? He saved his leg!!! He has both legs and they work great! He has numbness right on the top of his foot but he does have great blood flow and can move his toes.

After 10 days of ups and downs and multiple complications he is home with Hearts Home Health. They come in daily to check his leg and do therapy. He is moving around really well. He can walk all the way across the house without stopping. Considering the 3 GIANT incisions he has walking that far is a huge achievement.

He is motivated to get better and is cracking jokes. He looks fantastic considering what his body has been through and he will be up and running and almost normal soon.

He is the cornerstone to our family and I cannot imagine life without him in it. There was a minute where I was scared to death he would never get to see his youngest son become a father. I was scared he would never see any of us again. He is an amazing person. He would do anything for the people he loves. I think Heavenly Father knows this and that is why he is still here and he still has his leg. His mission in this life is not yet over. He is supposed to be here with us. I can honestly say I love my father-in-law. Not many people can say their in-laws are amazing but I can. I am so blessed to have them in my life. They are such great examples to me.


  1. I loved this post! The Robinsons are amazing people and I love having them as friends. When my mom told me about Gerald it scared me too. He is such a great guy. I am so happy everything turned out the way it did!

  2. I'm not ready to lose this grumpy old man! I love him so much! Your parents have been fantastic through all of this. It's comforting to know Connie has help so close.