Monday, June 20, 2011

Is 'One' Really The Lonliest Number?

What if we only have one child? Thinking about all the things we are going to do with this little Lima Bean and thinking of how much we already love our baby how can you imagine having another? I'm getting asked a lot of questions about how many kids we want to have and how long until we get pregnant again. Why would someone ask these questions? I'm not even done with this pregnancy yet. How can you expect us to know when we will get pregnant again if how can you assume we will get pregnant again.

There are many that are not in the loop as to the issues I have had during this pregnancy. The details I have shared are not full details. When I am asked if I am okay I give the generic "I'm just tired" or "I am doing great".

What is wrong with a simple family of 3? I see nothing wrong with it. The looks I get are started to get to me. They sting. Why are people so judgmental? Why do we have to have a big family?

We are not sure if we will have a second. I think it is to early to decide. We love this baby. Why would we already be thinking of another when this one hasn't even made it's debut?

Am I being to sensitive? Am I overreacting?


  1. I don't think you're overreacting. I feel the same way! When I was in the hospital, the day after Dominic was born, my grandma was asking me when we were gonna have our second baby and that we need to have a girl next. Umm...I just had my baby the DAY BEFORE and it's not like I would get to choose the sex of my next child anyways! I was SO annoyed! We also think that we are only going to have one child. We feel like that is enough for us, we feel complete. I like knowing that we will have more money because we will only have one child and we will be able to provide him with everything that he needs and we will be able to go on family vacations.

  2. I agree! What is wrong with just three!?!?! I already feel like our little family is complete. Who knows what will happen in the future.

    I'm glad you understand. I'm getting asked about our next baby and I haven't even had this one yet! I'd be annoyed if someone asked me about the next just one day after giving birth. I'd feel defensive. Like "is this baby not good enough for you?"

    I think the smaller the family the more opportunities you get to do things with them. Nothing against big families but I don't want to be so strapped that we can't take trips and do fun things.