Thursday, June 9, 2011

"I Wanted To Be Home By The Time Squid Got Here"

That is what the vet tech said when I walked in with my Fuzzy Nut man.

He has a reputation at the vet. When he had his neutering and de-clawing one of the vet techs were seriously bit. So bad that the tech went to the hospital to possibly get some stitches. He was so mean that they had to sedate him twice. They were unable to get the wrapping off his feet before I got there. I had to do it. As soon as I got there and he saw me he went from hissing-angry-aggressive man cat to cute-cuddly-loving kitty. He jumped right into my arms and I took the wrappings off without any problems.

This visit was only for his follow up vaccinations. Should have been quick and painless but because Squid is so 'evil' he had to be put into a vice. This visit consisted of biting the tech when she tried to weigh him. Since he wouldn't cooperate for her I weighed him. He's a healthy 10.2 lbs.

The tech leaves to get the nurse and Squid grows more and more anxious. He sniffed around the room we were in and didn't get more than a few steps away from me. The Vet walks in with a towel thinking draping Squid with the towel would sedate him!?!?!? Seriously? He should know my cat better than that!

Obviously Squid would not cooperate with the towel so the Vet went out to get more reinforcements. The vet and the tech came back in with this net contraption. They use the contraption to squeeze your pet long enough to get his shots. They say this 'contraption' works well enough that he shouldn't be able to move at all and his shots will go in without any difficulty.

Boy was he wrong! Squid ripped the contraption, managed to bite the vet so hard he starts to bleed (not just a little blood either), he bent two of the three needles and caused a scratch in the counter top from his back claws.

The vet was shocked. He said the vice was supposed to hold a medium sized dog comfortably. Ha! Squid broke it!

So next time we go in I have a prescription waiting for him. A sedative. I have to go pick it up a few hours before his visit. Luckily his next visit isn't for another year. ;)

Here are some pictures from our adventure filled day. Enjoy!

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